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Sanitization Services

Partner Solutions has the expertise you need to protect your facility from COVID-19.  Whether you need a one time Emergency Service or are looking to add Daily Services, we are the Partner you can Trust.

  • EPA List Chemicals​

  • Electrostatic Delivery Systems

  • PPE Protection

  • Trained Employees

  • Emergency Services

  • Daily or Weekly Services

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Sanitization Services

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We are committed to Safety

At Partner Solutions, safety is just as important as the quality of the job itself. We make great efforts to ensure our staff receive the best and newest training available. We adopt the latest techniques and equipment to provide you with the best service possible while keeping cost down by reducing waste, increasing efficiency, quality, and safety.  This all saves you money on the bottom line. 


For example, an Electrostatic Delivery System ensures that the chemicals we are using to disinfect your facility cover every surface more completely than simply spraying alone.  This way, we can ensure a more complete job, done in much less time, with much less mess.

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