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Advanced Technologies in Cleaning and Disinfection

New technology is being integrated into everything, and in 2022 it seems like there is a technology “shortcut” for anything, especially the way we conduct cleaning and disinfecting. Cleaning technology has come a long way in the past two years especially, and many commercial cleaners are integrating as many options as possible to make their processes more efficient and reliable. With an emphasis on a reduction of person-to-person and person-to-surface contact needed to clean and maintain spaces, there is a rise in cleaning technology that makes the process more automated and less hands-on – without reducing the quality of results.

Integrate Automated Technology

The integration of AI and robotic technology into commercial cleaning practices is on the rise, with products such as the iRobot® Roomba® revolutionizing the way we vacuum. There is an emphasis on the convenience and success of cleaning technology of this kind. On the commercial cleaning level, this has now been extended to tech such as AI software to monitor product dispensers, obstruction management, and more. Integrating AI-powered and automated cleaning technology into your commercial cleaning routine will help you maximize your results without spreading yourself, and your team, too thin. Automated cleaning technology also allows you to focus your manpower on the tasks that must be done by hand such as window cleaning, dusting, mopping, garbage disposal, and more.

Electrolyzed Water

Electrolyzed water has also taken the cleaning technology world by storm and is favored for how safe and easy it is to use. Electrolyzed water can be created on location, meaning cleaning crews never have to worry about running out of cleaning product. Electrolyzed water is created by combining regular tap-water with an electrolytic cell composed of a positively charged anode and a negatively charged cathode. Then, this mixture is combined with saline and vinegar to create hypochlorous acid and sodium hydroxide, which are known for their disinfecting and grease fighting capabilities, respectively. These chemicals are completely safe to mix, use, and come into contact with, although standard PPE should still be used. However, there is a far lower risk level than using products such as bleach and other harsh disinfectants. In fact, researchers from the Toxics Use Reduction Institute at the University of Massachusetts have found that electrolyzed water cleans just as well as – if not better than – store bought cleaners that are harsher but also far more expensive. This means electrolyzed water is great for those looking for safer and cheaper cleaning technology.

Look to the Future

We are going to see new cleaning technology come in many forms, from automated equipment to innovative cleaning products that can be made on-site. Integrating new cleaning technology into your commercial cleaning practices can reduce your costs, risks, and time dedicated so that you can focus your resources on other areas of your business. When hiring a commercial cleaning company for your facility, you should make sure you ask them what cleaning technology they use and how it boosts their results. New cleaning technology supports high quality results, in less time and at less cost. To stay caught up on all the latest news in cleaning technology, check out our blog that we update regularly with everything there is to know about commercial cleaning.

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