Janitorial Services

Janitorial Services


Great service doesn’t happen by accident. It takes dedication, a disciplined approach and a passion for doing things right the first time. 

Janitorial Services

Though training and inspections are critical; it says little about what is actually involved in running a top-notch janitorial company and providing consistent quality cleaning year after year.  There are many important aspects of a business’ operation that affect employee performance and the quality of their work. Here are some steps we implement in our comprehensive Quality Control Program:


Janitorial Services

Hiring & Screening

Comprehensive screening for applicants who are both highly motivated to do this unique type of  work, and who have the right attitude and the necessary experience we require in a candidate.

Thorough training

On the job demonstration of our methods by observing and correcting the new employee’s work alongside comprehensive and ongoing training ensures the most effective personnel are servicing your facility. 

Electronic Inspection

We use a Mobile Inspection System in addition to regular communication for rapid responses. The inspection program is designed and customized for each individual building. Any deficiencies that we identify in our inspections are reported to clients for review and passed on to the proper employees who will take corrective action to rectify any problem or issue. Responses are written and prepared immediately; our goal will be to address any small problems right away before they become big problems.



Levels of Management ensure that all employees understand what is required of them and so that they learn to do quality work.


Our managers conduct regular meetings with building administrators and clients. Regular communication at all levels ensures that all issues and concerns are addressed.


Mobile Time Tracking

The software we use is outstanding and generates a wealth of information, which significantly increases our accountability to you, our partners. Using this system for all of our accounts, we can be sure that your building is covered completely and the employees are where they should be, when they should be there.  This system features a GPS time clock and will notify management in real time.  This allows us to be proactive and correct any problems before they become issues. 

Regular Evaluations

Ensuring our employees know if their work performance and cleaning quality are meeting our standards.  Periodic and regular feedback helps staff understand where improvements are needed and clearly re-enforce our expectations.  

Good communication

Demonstrating respectful, supportive and clear communication is integral to a positive working relationship ensuring top performance from our staff.

Performance incentives

The incentives we offer to our employees are well above industry-standard.  This significantly reduces turnover, good news for both our clients and for us!

Proper equipment and plentiful cleaning supplies

A dedication to providing personnel with the proper equipment and tools allows them to clean efficiently and effectively.

Janitorial Services
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